Fan Chengcheng introduces "younger sister" Fan Bingbing

The singer posted several photos with his family during the Chinese New Year holidays


Over the weekend, Chinese singer Fan Chengcheng uploaded a series of selfies on his Weibo account, re-introducing his family to the public.

“Continuing to let go of myself at home over the Chinese New Year (holidays), introducing (to you guys), this is my mum, my dad and my younger sister,” the caption read.

The selfies were taken by the 18-year-old at home with his parents as well as his elder sister, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. The first picture with Bingbing featured the two siblings pulling goofy faces, while the second showed the actress leaning on Chengcheng’s shoulder.


In other related news, Chengcheng only returned to China on February 7 (Thursday), as he had been busy filming for a show overseas. He was welcomed at the airport by his mother, as well as Bingbing’s fiancé, Chinese actor Li Chen, putting an end to the rumours that Bingbing and Li Chen have broken up.

Bingbing has been keeping a low profile since her tax evasion scandal broke last year. However, her recent post on Instagram has had many wondering if the actress might just be ready to stage her comeback soon.


Photos: PBE Media

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