Fan Chengcheng bursts into tears at recent event

Fan Bingbing’s younger brother expressed his wish to be able to protect his family

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Fan Bingbing’s whereabouts have been the subject of much curiosity in recent weeks as there has been nary a confirmed update on what she’s up to. Some have speculated that she is in the US, while a Chinese official allegedly claimed that she is in prison.

Due to the lack of confirmation on where she is, all eyes were on her younger brother, Fan Chengcheng, at a recent event with his group, Nine Percent. Chengcheng was previously featured on reality survival programme Idol Producer is a member of both Nine Percent and NEX7.

As there is a large age gap between Bingbing and Chengcheng, there were also previous rumours that he is her illegitimate child. This speculation was quickly shot down by both siblings when they first emerged.

Nine Percent have been promoting actively despite Bingbing’s scandal, and Chengcheng was seen shedding tears at a recent fan meeting in Nanjing.

Those present at the fan meeting said that he expressed, “I hope that I can have the power to protect my family! (…) There have been some things that I have been wanting to do recently. I’ve been writing my own songs and preparing myself. I don’t know when the next time we will meet will be, but I think there will definitely be a chance for us to meet again.”

Talking about where he will be in the future, he mused, “In 10 years, I’ll be 28 years old. I don’t know if I’ll still be able to stand on this stage in a decade.”

During the fan meeting, he also said that this will be his last activity with Nine Percent, which has left some fans confused as the group is slated to hold a fan meeting in Bangkok soon. Some have speculated that he has been removed from endorsements and cannot leave the country due to his sister’s scandal.

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