Chinese boy group NEX7 held a concert in Hong Kong on March 30.

After kicking off the showcase with an explosive performance of their hit single 'Blah Blah', the members expressed their excitement to be there, and shared that they even prepared different sets of stages and costumes for the Hong Kong stop.

During an interview, the septet gushed about the city's delicious food, saying that they recently had char siew rice and pineapple buns. Unfortunately, they didn't have time to explore more parts of the city, but said that they would love to visit Tsim Sha Tsui.

When asked if member Fan Chengcheng invited his older sister, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, to come and show her support, he joked, "I didn't allow her to come! We are better than her, so I'm afraid that she will be envious of us." On a more serious note, he shared that Bingbing had praised the group for being talented and hard-working.

However, NEX7 remained tight-lipped about the photo that they took with Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng. "All we can say is that she's taking very good care of us, but we can't share any other details at the moment," they teased.

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