Fan Bingbing posts first update on Weibo in 3 months: ‘Miss you guys’

Fan Bingbing gears up for comeback, surfaces on Weibo after 3 months of radio silence

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Is Fan Bingbing readying for a comeback after disappearing from the radar? The online community at Weibo seems to think so.

The Chinese actress’ Weibo account was left unattended to for 123 days while investigations for her tax evasion was underway; she also went off the radar completely during this time and was reported to be under house arrest.

Last Wednesday, Chinese authorities announced that investigations was completed and issued her a hefty RMB 884 million (approximately S$177 million) fine for evading taxes; Bingbing issued an official letter shortly after on Weibo, expressing her regrets and apologising for her actions.

The A-list actress’ fiancé and actor boyfriend Li Chen also broke his silence, after keeping mum about this matter for months, and voiced his support for her last Friday.

The 39-year-old actor updated his Weibo with a simple message that read: “Regardless of how tough (the future) may be, we’ll get through it together.”

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Fan Bingbing shares an update on 'Chao Hua'

Fans saw light at the end of the tunnel yesterday night, four days after a verdict over her tax evasion investigation was passed. The 37-year-old finally updated Weibo on Sunday with a personal message to her fans and followers on a discussion topic (also known as ‘Chao Hua’) about her. According to China media, the message would only go out to followers who are ‘watching’ her discussion thread on Weibo.

“I feel your care and concern! Miss you guys!” she wrote, affixing a heart emoji at the end of her sentence.

Fans were relieved to finally see the actress active on Weibo again and believe that it was a sign that she was ready to make a comeback. 

Bingbing was accused of evading taxes by signing ‘yin-yang contracts’ back in May. In September, Chinese authorities revealed that the Chinese actress has been ordered to pay back RMB 255 million (S$51 million) in overdue taxes and will be fined RMB 479 million (S$95.84 million) for evading taxes.

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