Fan Bingbing to address tax evasion scandal on Sep 16: reports

She is expected to “appear” on Sep 16 after hiding from the spotlight for two months

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Missing-in-action actress Fan Bingbing is expected to make a ‘comeback’ with her first public appearance on Sep 16, according to China reports.

The actress, who has been embroiled in investigations for evading taxes because she signed dual ‘yin-yang’ contract for her movie projects, has gone AWOL since late July.

According to media reports, investigations about her supposed tax evasion has concluded and the authorities will share their findings and the course of action that will be taken against the actress in September. Similarly, Bingbing will address the media and clarify about what happened then.

It was reported that she and her family were under house arrests, although new rumours have emerged that Bingbing is simply “hiding” from the media because of an alleged breakup with her fiancé and Chinese actor Li Chen.

Chinese actress Shao Xiaoshan, who was once close friends with Bingbing, added veracity to it when she claimed that the actress is currently hiding in America after her breakup. However, Xiaoshan has since retracted that statement and deleted the post, explaining that she had “too much to drink”.

Investigations into this tax evasion scandal started when Chinese host Cui Yongyuan revealed on Weibo that Bingbing had signed two separate contracts for her upcoming Hollywood film, Cell Phone 2.

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