Fan Bingbing “won’t be able to get out” after arrest: Chinese authorities

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is said to be in a “terrible” state and is currently in jail, according to a high-level official from Beijing

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Contrary to earlier media reports which state that Fan Bingbing has been released from house arrest and is currently in the US with her Chinese actor fiancé Li Chen, new reports have emerged last Friday alleging that she has been arrested a second time round for corruption and illegal loans.

According to a report by a Chinese publication, Securities Daily, last week, an official from Beijing has confirmed that the actress is still in prison and will accept the legal decision made on her case.

The said official added that Bingbing was brought in for interrogation in June but was released two days later. However, she was arrested again in early August and is currently in a “miserable” state and “won’t be able to get out” again, signifying the end of her showbiz career.

The decision to arrest the 36-year-old actress stemmed from the Chinese authorities’ decision to crack down on corruption in the entertainment industry, namely the usage of dual ‘yin-yang contracts’ by film companies and they hope to make an example out of Bingbing’s tax evasion case.

On top of her new arrest charges, netizens have revealed that Bingbing’s current work studio located in Wuxi National Digital Film Industry Park has been emptied and all relevant documents and equipment have been seized for further investigation. 

It has been three months since Bingbing disappeared from the public eye. She was reportedly under house arrest and had allegedly sought refuge in the US after her release.

Investigations into the tax evasion scandal started after a former CCTV host Cui Yongyuan leaked details about the actress’ dual contracts for Feng Xiaogang’s Hollywood film, Cell Phone 2.

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