Fan Bingbing spends subdued 38th birthday

The actress is rumoured to be selling off her luxury goods in order to raise funds to pay her hefty fine for evading taxes

fan bingbing

What a difference a year makes. Last September, Fan Bingbing got engaged to fellow actor Li Chen on her birthday, sparking a flurry of excitement for what many expected to be a dazzling wedding ceremony to come.

Fast forward a year later, and Bingbing had a much more subdued 38th birthday as she is still reeling over the aftermath of her tax evasion scandal, which she was ultimately fined RMB 479 million (S$95.84 million) for.

The actress has been reported to be selling off her luxury goods in order to raise funds to pay the fine, while other sources have claimed that she is selling off most of her property for the same reason. Some have gone as far to claim that she will be retiring from showbiz, but all these claims have been neither confirmed nor refuted by Bingbing herself nor her agency. This has led to even more speculation about the actress’s state of affairs.

Since the apology letter for the scandal that she posted on October 3, there has been nary a peep from Bingbing’s Weibo, which has led many of her fans to worry about her well-being.

However, it seems that their worries were for naught as a photo of the actress celebrating her birthday with her staff members was uploaded online. In it, Bingbing is holding a huge bouquet of red roses while the people around her hold pink balloons.

While some have pointed out that Li Chen’s absence from her birthday festivities could mean that there is something going on in their relationship, others have shared that they’re content with knowing that their favourite actress is doing well.

Photos: PBE Media

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