Fan Bingbing slammed for doing charity work

The actress travelled to Tibet for a charity project

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Fan Bingbing has been slammed by netizens claiming that she is trying to clean up her image by doing charity work. This allegations come after she travelled to Tibet as part of Project Heart Ali, in which the organisation helps pay for the medical treatment of children with congenital heart problems.

After the event, photos of the 37-year-old hooked up to an oxygen concentrator while lying down a bed started circulating the internet. She reportedly suffered from altitude sickness as the event was held at a location some 3,656 metres above sea level.

While some fans expressed concern for her health, others questioned why she refused to return to Beijing, and why her friend uploaded the photos of her on the bed. She was widely criticised for trying to gain sympathy and support ahead of her showbiz comeback, with many pointing out that it was unlikely that her friend would upload the photos without Bingbing’s permission, especially since she is a public figure.

The actress’ image has taken a hard hit after she found guilty of tax evasion last October. Since then, she has yet to make a showbiz comeback, instead choosing to launch a personal beauty brand, which has been marred by poor reviews.

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