Is Fan Bingbing selling her branded goods?

Netizens suspect that these luxury second-hand clothes belong to the actress

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Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was recently slapped with a S$95m fine for evading taxes, bringing an end to the four-month saga. Since then, it has been reported that the 37-year-old has sold off several properties at a small loss, in order to pay the fine.

Recently, a netizen shared some screenshots of a certain online shop, named ‘Fan's Studio, hawking second-hand luxury clothing. The items listed on the shop are advertised as having been worn once only, and include clothes, shoes, as well as makeup. Prices range from RMB 1,000 (approximately S$199) to RMB 6,000 (approximately $1,196).


The owner of the shop also shared the reason behind the opening of the shop, writing, “(I’ve) decided to abandon the things that I don’t need, to let go of my attachment [to material goods], and let go of a portion of my clothes. Even though these items are second-hand, the considerably high price tag attached to them threw off some netizens, who commented that they “can't even afford second-hand items”.

The name of the shop, as well as the number of female luxury brand goods listed on the shop caused netizens to speculate that the shop was opened by Bingbing. 

Comments left by her fans also suggest that the actress is behind the online shop. “(These) have been worn by Bingbing, of course the price will be high. If you think it’s expensive, then don’t buy it," read one such comment.


Photos: PBE Media

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