Fan Bingbing’s work studio criticised for excessively editing her photos

“Everyone knows what she looks like, so who are you trying to fool?”

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Celebrities constantly live in the limelight, which also means that their physical appearance is constantly being judged by everyone on the internet. Just last month, Show Luo’s girlfriend Grace Chow was slammed for her “plastic face”, and was forced to defend herself against haters.

This time around, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing became the latest victim after photos of her at a food festival were uploaded on Weibo on January 4. Her work studio shared a series of photos of the Chinese actress at the event, but was met with a frosty reception from fans.

For one, netizens claimed that her work studio was overzealous in editing the photos. Her legs and face shape in particular were pointed out to be the biggest issue. “Are those legs supposed to be a human’s or a mannequin’s? Everyone knows what she looks like, so who are you trying to fool?” one angry netizen wrote.

Another added, “Is her staff trying to make trouble for her? Why did they edit her face shape and make it so long. Do they think that a horse face is pretty?”

Not only did the photo editing come under fire, but netizens also ranted that the 38-year-old needed to do something about her makeup artist. “Look at her brows!” one commented. “She looks like she’s ready to take the stage and do Chinese opera!”

Others defended the photos, sharing that Bingbing has every right to try out new makeup styles and that being experimental is not a crime.

Bingbing and her work studio have not responded to netizens at press time.

Photos: PBE Media

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