We saw it coming anyway. Amidst rumours that she was getting hitched to Li Chen, her actor-boyfriend of two years, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing finally dropped the good news on her Weibo last week.

In a photo taken at Bingbing’s recent 36th birthday party, Li Chen, 38, could be seen getting down on one knee to propose to his beau, who was reportedly moved to tears.

Li Chen later posted photos of the happy moment on his Weibo account with the caption, “Us, forever…” to which Bingbing reposted with: “Forever and ever.” #Relationshipgoals, guys.  

Okay, so the actress, who was ranked by Forbes last year for being the fifth highest-paid actress in the world for raking in US17mil ($22.9mil), is not exactly hurting for money.

Contrary to popular belief that Bingbing had ‘downgraded’ by getting hitched to a man much less famous than herself, she is actually marrying into serious moolah, according to the Chinese media.

Li Chen, an actor who is best known for appearing in Chinese variety show Keep Running, is reportedly from a wealthy, well-connected military family worth RMB1bil (S$205mil).

Reports also added that he changes luxury cars like Lamborghini every six months, and owns properties in Beijing, Shanghai and Dubai.

We can only imagine how lavish and over-the-top the couple’s nuptials is going to be.