Fan Bingbing’s father used to chase away her boyfriends

The actress’s father once chased off her boyfriend with a slipper


Chinese singer Fan Chengcheng was a guest on a recent episode of a variety show, loosely translated to The Boyfriends of Girls in English. On the show, the 18-year-old shared his views on relationships and love, as well as a short anecdote of how his father once chased off his sister’s boyfriend. Chengcheng’s older sister is Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

Whilst the dads on the show were discussing how they should “protect" their daughters, to prevent them from “being snatched away by their boyfriends”, Chengcheng offered up a quick anecdote, sharing his father’s experience.


According to Chengcheng, Bingbing’s boyfriend at that time had sent her home on his bicycle after a date. However, once Bingbing’s father caught sight of them, he was so enraged, he immediately grabbed his slipper and rushed out of the house. With his slipper in hand, the siblings’ father then proceeded to chase off Bingbing’s boyfriend.

Bingbing is currently engaged to Chinese actor Li Chen and the couple are reportedly ready to tie the knot “anytime soon”.

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