Fan Bingbing's beauty brand marred by poor reviews

The actress has stepped forward to deny claims of poor quality and false advertising


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing announced the launch of her very own beauty brand Fan Beauty to mark her grand return to the entertainment industry

The first item to be launched was a hydrating sheet mask, which came as no surprise as the actress is known for her love for such masks. Billed as the founder of the brand, the actress has shared that she was personally involved in the creation of the masks.

However, they have been hit with poor reviews and bad press, with netizens going through the ingredient list of the moisturising masks with a fine comb. The masks contain sea grapes, which has been claimed to be able to “help increase the production of collagen”, according to the beauty brand’s website. 

However, a netizen has since pointed out that collagen cannot be absorbed into one’s body through the skin. In 2013, after a beauty collagen brand used Bingbing’s name to cheat consumers, the actress’s work studio also clarified on their Weibo account that “Fan Bingbing has never endorsed any collagen beauty products”.


A number of negative reviews have also been left on the masks, with some sharing that the product was of “poor quality”. The reviews also pointed out that a facial mask maker that Bingbing endorsed was faulty as well. “(I) pity her fans who still believe her,” one wrote, while another added, “I've tried the masks and they're no good either."

To combat the bad press and reviews, the actress has stepped forward to clear the air. Sharing a number of pictures of her using the masks, Bingbing wrote, “(Those with) sensitive skin, dry skin, can use our masks with no worries. Additionally, this essence is very easily absorbed (into the skin), after using it, I don’t (need to) wash my face."

Photos: PBE Media

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