Fan Bingbing roots for younger brother Fan Chengcheng

Fan Bingbing tells Fan Chengcheng to press on after his disappointing performance in a Chinese reality talent show Idol Producer

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In case you missed it: Fan Bingbing’s 17-year-old brother Fan Chengcheng is set to follow in his big sister’s showbiz footsteps as a contestant on Chinese reality talent show Idol Producer (a.k.a the China ripoff of Korea’s Produce 101).

Prior to his participation in the programme, he was training under Yuehua Entertainment and has received singing and dancing lessons in Korea. Ever since he was formally revealed to the public, Chengcheng has been accused of riding on his sister’s coattails to enter the industry.

Things are not looking up for the young boy in the latest episode of Idol Producer however, as he had forgotten his lyrics during his rap performance and failed to deliver. He was eventually awarded a D grade for his lackluster performance.

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He was later seen bursting into tears after leaving the stage. “[My] first programme has been ruined just like that, I can’t accept myself… I am really useless to depend on my sister, I don’t like it when people say that of me,” Chengcheng said between sobs.

Before the programme aired, Bingbing, the world’s most supportive big sister, changed her profile picture into a headshot of her younger brother and after the episode aired, she posted, “It’s OK! Press on!” on Weibo to show her support for Chengcheng.

Nine out of 100 trainees on Idol Producer will be selected after weeks of competition to form an idol boyband. The show features EXO Lay, Li Rong Hao, GOT7’s Jackson Wang, MCJin, Cheng Xiao and PRISTIN’s Pinky as the contestants’ trainers.

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