Fan Bingbing relinquishes company representative role

The actress seems to be taking a step back from all entertainment-related matters


Ever since her tax evasion scandal broke out last year, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has been keeping a low profile even after her punishment was meted out by the authorities.

Recently, it was revealed that the 37-year-old has stepped down as the legal representative of the entertainment company, Wuxi Aimeishen Film & TV Culture, of which she is among the 10 biggest shareholders.

At the same time, Beijing Tai Yi Investment Fund was reported to have sold off their shares in Wuxi Aimeishen, with Zhang Chuan Mei becoming a shareholder instead. Zhang Chuan Mei was later revealed to be Bingbing’s mother, an ex-dancer who is currently the principal of Bingbing’s art school.

It was also reported that with Bingbing as their legal representative, Wuxi Aimeishen had a booming 2016, and even entered the public market with an estimated value of RMB700 million (approximately SGD$140 million). 

In May last year, Bingbing was accused of evading taxes by signing ‘yin-yang contracts’ back in May. In September, Chinese authorities revealed that the Chinese actress has been ordered to pay back RMB 255 million (S$51 million) in overdue taxes and will be fined RMB 479 million (S$95.84 million) for evading taxes.

Photos: PBE Media

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