Fan Bingbing pregnancy rumours refuted by close friend

The Chinese actress recently announced her split with fiancé Li Chen

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Chinese actors Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have been the talk of the town since their breakup last week, where the former power couple declared that they are still friends and will support each other forever.

Shortly after the shocking announcement, pregnancy rumours began circulating after netizens noted that Bingbing looked a little fuller than usual.

Although the actress has yet to respond to the rumours, a stylist who is close to the 37-year-old uploaded their chat history on Weibo, putting an end to the speculation.

In the chats, he asked her about the pregnancy rumours, to which Bingbing retorted, “Did I put on so much weight that everyone thinks that I’m pregnant? I lost weight recently, though.”

The stylist then urged her to watch her weight, to which Bingbing declared, “I haven’t been working recently so I’m not afraid. I refuse to lose weight! I’ll work on losing weight when it’s time.”

In related news, netizens marveled at how Bingbing and Li Chen still seem to be on close terms, as they were spotted dining at a Thai restaurant three days after they officially broke up. Others, however, were more skeptical and called their split a publicity stunt ahead of the actress’ showbiz comeback.

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