Actress claims Fan Bingbing, Li Chen have broken up

Netizens are not convinced, however, as Fan Bingbing is believed to be under house arrest currently

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With Chinese Fan Bingbing’s continued absence from the spotlight, media outlets have been having a field day reporting on the various rumours and speculations that have been offered up by insiders and netizens alike.

Recently, Chinese actress Shao Xiaoshan has come forward with the claim that, contrary to previously reported news, Bingbing is currently in America. She also added that the 36-year-old has broken up with her fiancé, Chinese actor Li Chen.

“Fan Bingbing is in America. My source should be accurate, but I will not reveal who they are, in order to protect their anonymity,” she wrote, following up with, “Li Chen and Fan Bingbing have probably broken up by now.”

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Xiaoshan and Bingbing once shared a relatively close friendship, with Bingbing introducing Xiaoshan to Chinese director Feng Xiaogang, who then accepted Xiaoshan as Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi’s body double in the movie, The Banquet. However, it is said that Bingbing and Xiaoshan have since fallen out with each other.

Netizens were largely suspicious of Xiaoshan’s posts, as it is believed that Bingbing is under orders from the government to remain in China while she is being investigated for tax evasion.

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