Fan Bingbing’s alternative income source revealed?

Is this how the actress is earning her keep while on a showbiz hiatus?


After her tax evasion scandal broke, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has put her showbiz career on hold, choosing to lay low and out of the spotlight. 

After being hit with a hefty fine for her tax evasion, it has been speculated that the 37-year-old sold off a number of her properties, as well as some of her designer clothes and possessions, to amass enough cash to pay the fine.

On Wednesday, it was reported that during her four month ‘disappearance’, the actress was actually busy with a number of lawsuits. A check of Beijing’s court trial records found that there were up to 99 instances of lawsuits filed regarding the actress’s portrait rights.

Of the 99 cases, five cases concluded within the first half of December, with the judges ruling in Bingbing’s favour. The monetary value of the compensation she was awarded totalled up to RMB 2.4 million (approximately SG$470 000). Through the lawsuits, it is believed that the actress can continue to have an income, while staying out of the spotlight. However, the actress’s management has yet to respond to these reports.

Netizens were generally approving of Bingbing’s move to sue those who had used her image in unauthorised promotions, commenting that she “has to find a way to earn a living after all”. 

Photos: PBE Media

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