Fan Bingbing reported to have flouted bank regulations

The accusations come in the wake of the actress’s tax evasion scandal


It looks like the storm is not over just yet for Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. Three months after her abrupt disappearance from the spotlight amidst reports that she had signed dual ‘yin-yang contracts’, reports that the 36-year-old had flouted bank regulations surfaced.

A Chinese news outlet ran a report alleging that the actress is suspected to have flouted bank regulations by offering illegal loans. The actress is also suspected of corruption.

The news outlet is viewed as one of the more reputable financial newspapers in the country, and often corresponds with government officials to report on financial news.

The report drew mixed reactions from netizens, with some bemoaning the downfall of Bingbing, while others were sceptical, due to the plethora of false news and unverified rumours surrounding the issue.

Investigations into the tax evasion scandal started when Chinese host Cui Yongyuan revealed on Weibo that Bingbing had signed two separate contracts for her upcoming Hollywood film, Cell Phone 2.

It was last reported that Bingbing was released from house arrest last week and a few days ago, the actress reportedly fled to the U.S. to escape the controversy.

Photos: PBE Media

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