Fan Bingbing: I’m not China’s Kylie Jenner

The actress recently launched her own beauty brand


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing seems to have put her tax evasion scandal behind her, starting out anew with a series of public appearances. 

In her first interview since her return to the spotlight last week, the 37-year-old shared more about her plans for the future, as well as her new beauty brand, Fan Beauty.

Billed as the brand’s founder, Bingbing was asked on her thoughts on the effect her star power will have on the brand, as well as how she intends to face her detractors. 

“In this world, there will always be a number of situations popping up, every second. But, facing it head on is always the best solution,” she said, making clear her intention to stand tall despite being constantly put down by naysayers.

She added that she has always been good at managing her emotions and therefore hopes that the members of her team can do the same. The actress revealed that she hopes to express her own thoughts and thinking on beauty through the brand, using it as a bridge to communicate with her fellow females.

The interview also described her as “China's Kylie Jenner”, an American reality television star who had started her own beauty brand, to great success. However, Bingbing revealed that she does not want to be known by that nickname.

Elaborating on her thoughts, the actress shared that everyone is unique, and that she is just a face mask enthusiast. “The rest, might not even be that important (to me), in the face of my dream,” she said.

Photos: PBE Media

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