Fan Bingbing, Fan Chengcheng placed under residential surveillance?

Investigations are currently ongoing with regard to the actress’s tax evasion

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In late May this year, Chinese talkshow host Cui Yong Yuan took to his Weibo to accuse Chinese actress Fan Bingbing of signing two separate contracts for her involvement in the upcoming movie, Cell Phone 2.

The first contract stated that the actress will be paid RMB10 million (approximately S$2.1 million) for starring in the movie, while the second confidential contract awarded the 36-year-old a further RMB50 million (approximately S$10.5 million) for her time spent working on the movie. At that time, the host had hinted that the actress had wanted to evade taxes, which was why her pay for the movie was split up into two. 

Bingbing’s studio had immediately refuted the accusations when the report was published. A few days later, Yong Yuan also retracted his statement during a media interview, denying that Bingbing was the actress he was talking about in his post.

Yesterday, it was reported that Bingbing’s manager, Mu Xiaoguang, as well as an unnamed financial advisor had been arrested by the police, as it was suspected that they had destroyed evidence that was pertinent to an ongoing investigation.

Earlier last week (July 28), it was also reported that the actress, as well as her younger brother, Chinese idol group member Fan Chengcheng had been placed under residential surveillance. Movement to and from the sibling’s house is currently restricted, with additional reports sharing that staff members have also been placed under residential surveillance as well.

As arrests have been reportedly made, and investigations are still ongoing, information regarding the case has been sealed off by China’s Ministry of Public Security, leaving everything up to the media and general public’s speculations.

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