Fan Bingbing dispels rumours that Fan Chengcheng is her illegitimate son

The Chinese actress and her younger brother are 19 years apart


While Yuehua Entertainment trainee Fan Chengcheng has largely been labelled by the public as ‘Fan Bingbing’s brother’ ever since he took part in Chinese reality talent show Idol Producer (the Chinese adaptation of Korea’s Produce 101), not everyone thinks the same, as rumours began circulating that he is in fact the Chinese actress’ illegitimate son.

As Bingbing turns 36 this year while Chengcheng is currently 17 years old (he was born in 2000), their uncommonly large age gap created suspicion that the two were not siblings like they claimed.

Bingbing has reportedly denied the rumours on several occasions, and clarified that Chengcheng was indeed “her mother’s child”.

The actress added that she was the one who convinced her mother to keep Chengcheng because it was not easy for her to have a geriatric pregnancy, although they had to pay a fine due to China’s one-child policy. Families who have more than one child in China have to pay between 50,000 yuan (approximately S$10, 300) and 1.3 million yuan (approximately S$270,270), depending on their financial abilities.

In a recent episode of Idol Producer aired on March 2, Chengcheng performed a cover of South Korean boy band Block B’s ‘Very Good’, and re-wrote its lyrics to read, “I was born in Qingdao on 16 June, 2000, just like any other child, but my birth was ridiculed. My dream started to grow amidst doubts and I have come a long way despite facing discriminations. I will not heed slanderous comments directed towards me.”

His direct expression through his performance caught the attention of netizens, who believed it was an indirect response to rumours of his illegitimacy.

Photo: PBE Media

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