Fan Bingbing denies owing TFBOYS member money

Reports stated that she owed him over RMB10 million (S$2 million)

fan bingbing

After being caught and fined for tax evasion, disgraced actress Fan Bingbing was reported to be making her showbiz comeback in the near future. However, more negative press around the Chinese star has cropped up, with reports stating that she owed former TFBOYS member Roy Wang over RMB10 million (S$2 million).

Hugely popular Chinese boy group TFBOYS announced in 2017 that they would be setting up personal studios to focus on their individual activities, and Roy’s work studio was reported to have signed a contract with Bingbing’s work studio in the same year.

The reports claimed that Roy signed on to work on the period drama The Great Lord and had his pay check deposited into Bingbing’s work studio’s account as stipulated on the contract. However, after the tax evasion scandal broke, her work studio’s assets were frozen, causing Roy’s fees to be stuck in limbo. Roy’s mother was apparently so upset that she went to court to request her son’s fees be paid.

In response, Bingbing’s work studio denied all accusations and shared that he had been paid before their contract was cancelled, and that there were no issues with non-payment. Roy’s studio also clarified that the rumours were untrue, and shared that the cooperation with Bingbing’s studio was a pleasant one.

Photos: PBE Media

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