Fan Bingbing debuts short ‘do at awards show to mixed reactions

Her haircut quickly became one of the most talked-about topics on Weibo.


On December 17, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was spotted at the airport in Beijing with her signature long black locks in a ponytail. The actress was in town for the 2019 Ifeng Fashion Choice Awards, which was happening later that night.

A few hours later, when she stepped out on the red carpet, everyone was surprised to see that the 38-year-old chopped off her long hair in favour of a shorter hairdo. The hashtag, “Fan Bingbing’s short hairdo” immediately began rising up the search rankings on Weibo.

Later that night, she was also presented with the “2019 Public Welfare Influential  Celebrity Award”.


Responses to Bingbing’s new look were mixed, with many praising the actress for her ability to pull off the new cut. “It's no wonder that she’s the queen of fashion - the founder of ‘Fan Beauty’ looks so good!” a netizen commented.

However, some others were not so pleased. “Why are there so many positive comments? How much money did she spend in order to get praised by you?” a displeased netizen wrote.

Bingbing was caught up in a tax evasion scandal last year, which resulted in her disappearing from the spotlight for months. Since then, the actress has been kept busy rebuilding her career in China and establishing a beauty brand of her own.

Photos: PBE Media

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