Fan Bingbing criticised for “lousy” acting

The actress was said to be paid approximately S$12.6 million for her appearance on ‘Cell Phone 2’


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is collaborating with Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang on her latest project, Cell Phone 2, and filming started earlier this month (May 10).

The movie is a continuation of 2003 film Cell Phone, which tells the story of a Chinese talk show host named Yan Shou Yi. In the movie, he suffers from depression and often breaks the rules. On top of that, he commits infidelity with his co-worker and tries to hide the truth from his wife.

When the movie first aired, it gave Chinese host Cui Yong Yuan, who is known for hosting Chinese talk show Tell It Like It is, a bad reputation, as many believed that the fictional character might be a description of him in real life.

Last Monday (May 28), Yong Yuan took to Weibo to express his displeasure about the movie’s second installment.

Revealing parts of the acting contract, which clearly stated that Bingbing will be receiving a remuneration of RMB10 million (approximately S$2.1 million) for starring in the movie, he wrote, “You shouldn’t act with those lousy acting skills.”

Yesterday (May 29), Yong Yuan updated his Weibo with claims that Bingbing had signed two acting contracts, with the one he showed being only a small part of the remuneration she received. “The second confidential contract she signed offered her an additional RMB50 million (approximately S$10.5 million). That means she actually received RMB60 million (approximately S$12.6 million), despite only filming for four days on set,” he revealed, hinting that the actress intentionally did so to evade high taxes.

His criticisms of the actress first caught the attention of netizens last week (May 24), when he shared an old photo of Bingbing receiving her National Spirit Achievers Award back in 2010, and mocked her for “accepting the award with no shame”.

Besides the actress, the 55-year-old host also criticised director Feng Xiaogang and scriptwriter Liu Zhenyun. “Everyone knows Xiaogang is incompetent, but it seems that Zhenyun will follow in his footsteps very soon,” he wrote.

Bingbing’s managing agency refuted the accusations yesterday afternoon (May 29) in a media statement. They pointed out that it was against the law to release confidential contract details to the public, and said that they would sue the host for the defamatory statements he made against the actress.

Photo: PBE Media

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