Fan Bingbing announces launch of personal beauty brand

The actress has always been known for her fastidious skincare routine


Days after she made her first official appearance in six months, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has announced the launch of a beauty brand, Fan Beauty.

Billed as the founder of the brand, the actress features prominently on the pictures and promotional material posted by the brand on their social media sites.

The first product launched by the brand will be a hydrating face mask, as Bingbing has always loved such masks. Dubbed the “queen of face masks”, the actress is said to always have a face mask on whenever she’s not working to refresh and pamper her skin. It was once reported that the actress uses over 700 masks a year.


This will mark her first official foray into skincare and beauty, as the actress was previously said to have invested in a new beauty salon that opened last month. 

The masks were reported to have been developed under the watchful eye of Bingbing, who even traveled to South Korea to understand more about the technology behind the production of the products. She is reportedly launching these products in Hong Kong, with plans to export it to more territories in the near future.

Photos: PBE Media

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