Face of Shawn Yue’s son exposed online

The actor has been fiercely protective of his bundle of joy since his birth

shawn baby 1

It’s no secret that Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue is fiercely protective of his nine-month-old son, Cody.

The first-time dad hurriedly deleted his social media posts when he accidentally uploaded a photo of the little one last year, and has consistently ensured that his son’s face is positioned away from the camera whenever he uploads any content that includes Cody.

However, his efforts were seemingly for naught as he inadvertently provided a source of not one, but multiple photos of a little boy believed to be Cody.

On February 15, he uploaded a photo of himself with good pal Eddie Peng’s mother and sister on his Instagram, and tagged Eddie’s sister in the post. Curious fans clicked in to her profile, where they found a goldmine of photos.

Shawn was seen carrying a baby in the photos, with the child’s face in full view. Many quickly guessed that the kid was Shawn’s son, and remarked that the little boy was even more adorable than they had imagined.

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Since then, Shawn has since untagged Eddie’s sister from his post, and she has reportedly also taken down the photos from her account. The actor has yet to comment on whether the baby in the photo was indeed Cody, but keen-eyed netizens have noticed that the shoes that the baby wore match those that Shawn has previously uploaded of Cody.

Shawn and his wife Sarah Wang tied the knot in December 2017 and welcomed their son in May last year.

Photos: PBE Media

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