f(x)’s official Japanese fanclub to shut down

The reason given for the closure was due to a lack of group activities in Japan


Members of the Korean girl group f(x), which is managed by SM Entertainment, have been focusing on their individual activities of late, with their last official group activity being their first solo concert in 2016. The quartet also released their second Japanese single, ‘4 Walls / Cowboy’ in November that year.

However, the group has not released any music together since 2016, with members Krystal and Victoria focusing on acting and fashion event appearances, while Amber and Luna have been releasing solo albums. As a result, fans are worried about the future of the group, who will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in September.

The members have worked to assuage the worries of their fans, with Luna herself confirming in a live broadcast that the group “has not disbanded”.

But, a fan recently posted a number of screenshots online, sharing that f(x)’s official Japanese fanclub will be closing in May this year.

“As f(x) has not been promoting as a group frequently, it is hard for us to continue to serve the members of meU (the official name for f(x)’s fans) Japan. The official fanclub meU Japan will cease service in May 2019,” the notice read.

The notice has renewed speculations with regards to f(x)’s disbandment. Some fans have also shared that while the closure of the fanclub in Japan might be due to the fact that the group does not intend to promote actively in Japan, this does not mean that they will be ceasing activities in Korea.

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