EXO’s Lay was fraudulently signed up for organ donation after his personal information was leaked

The singer’s mum has taken to Weibo to speak up against this issue


Chinese media outlets have reported that EXO’s Lay (also known as Zhang Yixing) and his family have had their personal information leaked online this month. He has faced criticism after showing his support for the police during the recent protests in Hong Kong.

Netizens then allegedly doxxed Lay and his family by releasing their personal information online. As a result, the singer’s personal information was used to sign him up as an organ donor without his knowledge.


On August 27, Lay’s mother uploaded a post on her personal Weibo, denouncing the actions of these netizens.

“I know that being a celebrity is a job that involves (having their every move) being discussed. However, why is it that the celebrity’s family members being threatened and doxxed? I’ll give you a warning today, (and) I’m not afraid of you! Your behaviour will result in severe punishment from the authorities,” she wrote.

She added, “Organ donation is a noble act, but for it to be used to show (your) malice (my son), I feel that the person who did this is truly disgraceful.”

Photos: PBE Media

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