EXO’s Lay takes action against malicious netizens

His personal work studio issued an official statement which pledged action against errant offenders

exo lay malicous rumours

EXO’s Lay, also known as Zhang Yixing, has seen his career rise to greater heights in recent years, although most of the Chinese member’s recent work has been in his personal capacity, and not his group.

On May 14, his personal work studio issued a statement which read, “Hiding behind an online persona doesn’t mean that you can do illegal things without ramifications. To those who used the internet to create malicious rumours, used hurtful words to defame and brought a negative impact, we will use legal methods to defend our rights to the end.”

exo lay malicous rumours 2

Attached were three pages of documents issued by Beijing Xingquan Law Firm, which is understood to be representing Lay in this case.

In the document, some of the insults that were used against him included, “Sleazy traitor”, “I hope you die in a foreign land, and never have children (to carry on your family line)” and “You deserve to die” and “Drop dead”.

According to Chinese media reports, he has been facing such treatment from netizens for six years, which caused many of his fans to show their concern for his well-being, declaring that his decision to take legal action against them was justified. They added that they hoped that these people would be brought to justice soon.

Photos: PBE Media

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