EXILE’s Akira impresses with his fluent Mandarin

The Japanese actor-singer tied the knot with Lin Chi-ling two months ago


Japanese singer-actor Akira from J-pop group EXILE, who tied the knot with Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling two months ago, surprised fans last Saturday (August 2) with a short video that he uploaded on his Facebook page.

In the video, Akira announced the release of a concert DVD in fluent Mandarin, expressing his wish to embark on an Asia tour to meet all their fans. Although the short clip was less than 30 seconds, many were pleasantly surprised by Akira’s fluency in the language.

Previously, Chi-ling had shared in an interview that the couple usually communicates in English. Chi-ling, who had previously worked in Japan, is known to be comfortable conversing in Japanese as well. With Akira learning Mandarin, it seems that the couple will not have any communication problems in future.

Chi-ling had previously shared that she will be putting her career on the back-burner from now on,  so as to concentrate on starting a family with Akira, as well as her charity commitments.

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