Ex-Wonder Girl Sunmi weighed only 39kg last January

The singer revealed that she gained 8kg because she thought that she would die otherwise

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Former Wonder Girls’ member Sunmi, who has a successful solo career, has talked about her struggles with putting on weight a number of times.

On August 27, she held a press conference to promote her latest album with title song ‘LALALAY’, where she confessed that she used to weigh 39kg while promoting ‘Heroine’. The song was released last January.

On her Naver profile, she is listed at 166cm. That would put her at an BMI of 14.2, which is much lower than the standard BMI of 20.

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As part of the preparation for her first world tour, which kicked off in February, she shared that she ate and exercised regularly to put on the weight.  Her younger brother, who was on tour with her, also helped her a lot as she ate the same meals as him. “The secret behind my (successful weight gain) is my brother,” she quipped.

Sunmi has always been vocal about her weight struggles, even while some netizens continue to mock her for being “too thin”. Among her recent posts an Instagram post on June 17, where she posted a digital weighing scale which read 50kg. Fans applauded her for her progress, while assuring her that she does not need to worry too much about her weight.

Sunmi was part of former group Wonder Girls when they debuted in 2006. The iconic group put out well-loved hits such as ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody’. The 27-year-old’s solo career has done exceedingly well, and has produced hit tracks such as ‘Gashina’ and ‘Siren’.

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