Taiwanese singer Eve Ai promoted her new album Fade to Exist on a radio show in Taipei on December 26, where she revealed that one of the tracks, 'Yi Zheng Ye' (roughly translated as 'All Night Long'), was originally written for A-Mei. When it did not make it into A-Mei's record, Eve then claimed it for herself.

"I tweaked the singing method a little bit but the lyrics remained unchanged," she said. "A-Mei knows that the song was originally meant for her and remembers it. She congratulated me and wished me all the best for my new album."

Now that her new album has finally been released, Eve shared that she intends to slow down and relax a little. When asked if she has plans to settle down and have children, she admitted that she has discussed it with her boyfriend before. "I do want to start a family of my own one day, but we'll talk about it again when the right time comes," she said.

As for her New Year's Eve celebration plans, Eve shared that after her performance at a countdown party in Taoyuan, she hopes to be able to rush back to Taipei to usher in 2019 with A-Mei at another countdown show. When asked if audiences will get to see the two of them perform together, Eve's manager piped up with a laugh, "No! Not unless she gets paid!"

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