Eve Ai calls it quits with boyfriend after four years

The ex-couple was not on the same page when it came to marriage.


Taiwanese singer Eve Ai released a post on her personal Facebook account recently, sharing that she has called it quits with her boyfriend of four years, an Italian non-celebrity.

When Eve bagged the Best Composition award at the Golden Melody Awards last month, her boyfriend had turned up at the celebration party to congratulate her, showing off their close relationship. Although they do not meet often due to their differing work schedules, the lovebirds have always enjoyed a stable relationship thanks to their similar personalities.

Having met each other’s parents, it was widely believed that they were well on the road to marriage. In a previous interview, the singer also shared that she often debates with her boyfriend on environmental and medical issues, laughing that they “often argue about it”.

The 32-year-old then went on to share that the two of them enjoy bickering with the other, adding, “I'm not looking for someone who might be the best partner for me. Rather, I want to see how much tolerance we can have for each other, because I think that will be the best [measure] of the best person for me”.


Thus, when she announced their breakup on Monday (Jul 29), many fans were taken aback. In her post, Eve shared that she has always been timid, and that she had taken a long time to muster up the courage to share the reason behind their breakup.

Eve emphasised that they are still on amicable terms, and that they had broken up due to their differing views on marriage. “We’re both good, but perhaps we have reached the best place that our relationship can bring us to,” she wrote, adding, “After a long period of discussion, we’ve reached a consensus not to proceed to tie the knot. Since we’re not moving forward, we’ve decided to call it quits.”

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