Etta Ng is engaged to Canadian girlfriend

The couple has since started a photo studio in Canada

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Movie star Jackie Chan’s estranged 18-year-old daughter Etta Ng, who was last reported to be homeless with her Canadian media influencer girlfriend, Andi Autumn, seems to have started anew in Canada.

A screenshot of Andi’s Facebook account has been circulating online in recent days, stating that the couple got engaged to each other on April 29 this year. 

Additionally, the couple has since started a photo studio in Canada together, offering professional studio rental services, as well as creative direction and styling for their clients. 

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The couple has also set up a Facebook page for the studio, UCHU hause. Etta has also updated her Facebook account with her job as “UCHU hause’s boss”.

Etta came out as lesbian, and revealed her relationship with Andi, who is 12 years older than Etta in October last year. Since then, the couple has moved to Canada to be together. 

Etta is Elaine and Jackie’s love child from an affair back in 1999. The veteran actor had previously been blackmailed for having never paid child support nor giving a single cent to both mother and daughter. Etta is also said to be distanced from Elaine after reporting her to the police for child abuse.

Photo: PBE Media

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