Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu are over each other

Tiffany Hsu gave love advice that promoted breakups on her new variety show


Taiwanese celebrities Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Ruan’s eight-year relationship supposedly ended when Tiffany called it off and moved out of their love nest a month ago, calling it a “cool-off period”.

When the news broke out, Ethan stressed on Weibo that “Tiffany is still (his) woman” and even took his anger out on netizens when he was drunk by telling them to “go and die”.

In a separate interview, Tiffany added that she is refraining from getting drunk during this period because if she did, she might accidentally spill her secrets, which would leave her in an embarrassing situation.

Tiffany recently became a love guru for the variety show Jie Mei Tao in a segment where she answered netizens’ relationship questions. A fan asked Tiffany about her own breakup with her boyfriend, saying that there was no fighting or disagreements. Her boyfriend merely stated that he wanted to be single and just left.

Tiffany felt that if two people don’t see eye to eye about their feelings, breaking up would be for the better. She commented, “This means that the other party does not like you at all. If they did, why would they just leave? Breaking up was a good thing. Now, you can go partying to celebrate your singlehood again.”

When a netizen asked for Tiffany’s opinion on being the third party of a married couple, she said, “If you feel that it is true love, you should make your own choice and do what you want to do.”

Ethan recently promoted digestion products on his Weibo and wrote, “In fact, nothing cannot be digested! Knowing me, you guys would agree.” The double meaning here, according to netizens, undoubtedly implied about his breakup.

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