Eric Tsang denies sexual accusations

The actor says respecting women is one of his guiding principles

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Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang denies all sexual accusations made against him by Grace Han, former Asia-Pacific president of Ford Models, at a press conference held two days ago on January 17.

Grace had previously accused the 64-year-old actor for “sexually assaulting female celebrities more than once,” and spiking the drinks of one of her models in a karaoke lounge in Hong Kong in a Weibo post posted on January 11.

Her accusations came after a 2013 interview video with former Hong Kong actress Yammie Lam went viral in China, with Yammie claiming that Eric had raped her when she was filming in Singapore years back.

Speaking for ten minutes, Eric refuted all accusations against him, and revealed that he has decided to press charges against Grace for libel. He shared that respecting women is one of his guiding principles, and he never used to pay attention to rumours because he knew they were not true. However, he decided to take further action this time round to punish rumour-mongers, as they were hurting the people close to him.


Eric added, “Cyber-bullying will get worse if we let them [rumour-mongers] get away without punishment. The truth will not be uncovered, and the damage to the victim will be permanent.”

He also took the chance to address accusations that had resurfaced against his celebrity soccer team, claiming they were only a team in name and not for love of the sport. He clarified that all is water under the bridge because they won the case and was compensated back in 2006.

To Eric’s claims at the press conference, Grace remains unfazed as she replied over Weibo on the same day saying that “having a press conference does not make him right” and she is “staying put and waiting” for his legal letter.

Since the controversy against Eric started, Hong Kong singer Alan Tam and Taiwanese singer Jay Chou have backed him up, claiming him to be innocent.

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