Hong Kong actors Eric Tsang and Carman Lee attended a Lunar New Year charity event in Hong Kong on January 27.

Eric gave an update on his condition following his car accident in Hokkaido, Japan last December. "It's been a month but my ribs are still in pain," he said. "I will be much more careful when driving in the snow."

He also admitted that he did not tell his children how serious the accident was when it happened, because he did not want them to fly over to see him.

When asked if he was romantically involved with the other passenger in his car, makeup artist Vanus Li, Eric laughed and said, "How is that possible? It's not possible!"

Last week, Carman attended a gathering for the cast and crew of 1995's Return of the Condor Heroes, in which she played the iconic role of Xiao Long Nu. Louis Koo, who played Yang Guo, was also there, and Carman reported with a laugh that he has become much more talkative now.

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