In a press conference held at the Kowloon Shangri-La in Hongkong earlier today (Jan 17), Eric Tsang denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and said that he has filed a lawsuit against Grace Han, who wrote a damning online post (which you can read here) on the actor last week.
Accompanied by his lawyer and his son, director Derek Tsang, a somber-looking Eric, who did not take any questions from the floor, read out two statements, the first in Cantonese and the second in Mandarin. Here’s what he said:

“Recently there have been some untrue reports circulating about me on the Internet. These untrue reports are very serious allegations and they have already damaged my reputation. But what makes me even more upset is that they have caused unnecessary hurt to my friends, my children, my niece and even my teammates on the celebrity soccer team [that I’m part of]. That’s why I feel the need to address and clarify these rumours publicly.

Regarding the news that’s been circulating online for a long time about Eric Tsang sexually assaulting Yammie Lam, I can safely say to everyone that it’s fake news. To have respect for women is one of my principals. I will gladly cooperate with any kind of legal investigation [regarding the case]. I will also seek legal measures to protect my reputation.

As for Mdm Han and the untrue allegations she wrote about me on Weibo, I have already taken legal action against her. One of the allegations was made about me and my teammates on the celebrity soccer team. She had said that we were only a soccer team in name but we were really out there to seek pleasure. These untrue reports already made the news in 2006 and we have already sued for slander. The person lost the case and has already compensated us for damages. Years later, someone with has decided to use the video again to slander us. This makes me very upset. I hope the law can finally show me some justice. But more importantly I hope that those people who use the internet to spread fake news and to slander others on purpose, and this whole atmosphere of negativity, will come to an end soon.

Of course the Internet has given us a lot convenience but it also allows people with ill-intentions to take advantage of the innocence of netizens to write things that hurt others. And after that, these people do not have to answer for their actions. This is what I feel most upset about.

In the past, I would choose not to engage in these reports ’cos if I know that I am innocent, why would I want to give the other party a chance to create more news? But I know that is no longer the case in this age of the Internet. If you let these people get away, Internet violence will only get worse, and it will be even harder for the truth to be revealed. Gossip and Internet violence is temporary. But the harm it does to a person is forever.

I hope that the number of people who will get hurt regarding this case will be minimal. And since legal action is underway now, I’ll only respond to the allegations today and will not say anything more on this subject. I am grateful to all of you and it’s been hard on everyone. Thank you."