Eric Chou attended a promotional event for automobile giant Porsche’s newest model in Taipei on May 9, where he revealed that he recently bought his second Porsche.

The Taiwanese singer shared that his girlfriend, anchorwoman Dacie Chao, had the chance to drive his new car once, but he was not anxious about it. “I just reminded her to be careful, I never nagged at her,” she said.

When asked if there are any “taboos” while riding in his new car, Eric said that food is not allowed in it. “When I bought my first sports car, I put a container of hot food in the passenger seat, and it spilled!” he recalled. “Because of that, my entire car smelled like soy sauce.”

To many people, Eric has achieved great success in his life: not only did he buy his first Porsche two years ago at the tender age of 21, but his newest purchase set him back a whopping seven-digit price. He also revealed that he bought a Rolex watch when he was 20 years old.

“I like to reward myself whenever I achieve something,” he explained. “For instance, I’m very happy about being able to perform at the Taipei Arena this year, and my EP has been doing very well too.”

Eric then said that he is not nervous about his upcoming Taipei Arena concert. “I wish to encourage my young fans to chase their dreams, just like how Jay Chou inspired me to chase mine when I was 9 years old,” he said.

Photos: TPG