Eric Chou confirms relationship with older woman

The singer admitted that he’s currently dating an anchorwoman six years his senior

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Taiwanese singer-songwriter Eric Chou confirmed that he is currently in a relationship during the listening party for his latest EP, Freedom.

Before the event started, he showed off his cooking chops by serving up a steak dish. “I'm quite a homebody actually, I often cook and hold small gatherings at home,” he shared, when asked about his culinary skills.

He was later asked about the dating rumours surrounding him and anchorwoman Dacie Chao, which first surfaced last year. After admitting that they are indeed in a relationship, Eric said, “I’m currently very happy, blissful and free. When we were first photographed going out for a meal, we were not officially dating yet. We only made our relationship official in March (last year).”

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Eric also sung the praises of Dacie, complimenting her as “the most innocent and easy-going girl I’ve met, classy and radiant”. He added that it was easy to get along with her: not only does Dacie enjoy the food he cooks, she also accompanies him when he writes lyrics for his songs.

“My new song, ‘At Least I Still Remember’, was written while she was beside me,” he shared.

“I used to be unable to write songs when I had a girlfriend, as I was simply too happy. But now, as long as I’m in the mood, even if I’d just finished watching a movie, I’d still be able to write,” Eric let on, adding that the relationship gives him new strength.

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