Eric Chou held a concert at the Taipei Arena for the first time on May 11. Over 11,000 fans came to watch him sing a total of 30 tracks, which consisted of both new releases and older classics.

The Taiwanese singer performed on a huge multi-level stage and made five costume changes, including two sleeveless outfits that showed off his toned arms. He shared that he had been working out to gain muscle and successfully put on 11 kg, but because he spent six hours a day practising his dance moves for the concert, he lost 3 kg.

Eric later confidently gave himself a full 10 out of 10 points for his Taipei Arena debut, but admitted that he didn’t plan on getting so emotional during one point in the show. “Before the concert started, I told myself that I would not cry, but when I was standing up there on stage and heard everyone singing along to ‘Let’s Not Be Friends Anymore’ with me, I was so moved,” he shared.

He also recalled his uncle bringing him to the Taipei Arena when he was 9 years old to watch Jay Chou rehearse for his concert. “When I heard him sing ‘Hair Like Snow’, that was the moment I was determined to become a singer-songwriter like him,” said Eric, who sung Jay’s ‘Hair Like Snow’ and ‘Simple Love’ in tribute to his idol.

Because he was so busy preparing for the concert, Eric was unable to meet his girlfriend, anchorwoman Dacie Chao, for one whole week. However, he received an encouraging text message from her before the show, which gave him even more motivation to do better. “I will find more time to spend with my girlfriend after this,” he promised.

Photos: TPG