Don’t mess with Elva Hsiao, who was recently the subject of less-than-nice comments on her Instagram. A couple of netizens who professed to be fans of the 40-year-old Taiwanese singer labelled her a “has-been who keeps slacking off” ‘cos she keeps stalling the release of her upcoming album, Naked Truth. 

Well, her subsequent posts, containing snippets from Naked Truth, effectively proved all of them wrong. However, Elva is still seething with anger about those insensitive comments. In a phone interview with Taiwanese media yesterday (Jun 11), she said that the netizens “weren’t fans” and instead were “paid trolls” aka people who were paid money to spread misinformation and discredit her.

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The singer also shared that she had posted a picture of her beloved pet pooch on her balcony, as it had fallen ill recently. The vet had recommended for Elva to take her pooch out for more walks, but she was unable to do so due to a spate of bad weather. Thus, she was left with no choice but to let her dog lounge on her balcony for some fresh air. However, some netizens chose to attack her about her album plans on that post. 

“Was it necessary for everyone to chase me [for my new album] so urgently?” she asked. The singer had also shared earlier that the release was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.