Elva Hsiao invites boyfriend to star in comeback music video

After a two year hiatus , the singer is ready to return to the spotlight again


On November 15, Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao announced that she will be making her musical comeback and releasing an album titled ‘Naked Truth’ in mid-2020. 

The 40-year-old announced last March that she will be going on hiatus due to health issues, months after disappearing from the spotlight in August 2017. At the time, Elva was reportedly preparing to release a new album  but had to cancel her plans after her health deteriorated.

However, it seems that Elva has since recovered, making plans to stage her big return to the spotlight. In August, she announced that she was dating Chinese actor Justin Huang, posting pictures of the two of them on her Facebook page.


Yesterday (Dec 12), Elva released a behind-the-scenes video for her title track’s music video, revealing that she invited Justin to star in the video with her.

The music video was filmed in Malibu Beach, California, over a span of 2 days, and features the couple in a number of indoor and outdoor settings. 

When asked about their collaboration, Elva shared, “We're working together and progressing in the same direction. Everything is possible because of love (and this collaboration will) leave a beautiful mark in our lives.”


“We're lovers, and the most moving thing is that our hugs, and all of our interactions are all genuine. We’re not putting on an act,” she said, sharing more about their time working together.

As Elva previously worked with Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu for the music video for ‘The Romance of He & She’, she made sure to show Justin the video before filming so that the 24-year-old could have a glimpse of what was required during filming.

“I hope for him to show a side of him that’s even more handsome (on camera), I also told him that he has a lot to learn," she shared.

When asked about Justin’s performance, Elva was full of praises for him, calling him a “natural”.

“As long as there are professionals by his side helping him, he will shine even more and become popular,” she declared.


Photos: PBE Media

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