Elva Hsiao assures fans that she is recovering well

She previously went on an indefinite hiatus due to health issues

elva hsiao

Back in March, news of Elva Hsiao shelving her comeback plans was confirmed as the singer was said to have lost her voice while preparing for her new album last year.

The 38-year-old had flown to Los Angeles for dance practice, but ended up falling ill due to the amount of stress she was giving herself. Her severe headaches and persistent high fever were attributed to acute bronchitis (an inflammation in the lungs causing shortness of breath and fever), and her agency announced that she will be going on hiatus to nurse herself back to the pink of health.

This came after she did not recover despite undergoing treatment in Vancouver, and after the announcement, Elva also stayed off social media. Her last post on May 6 reads, “I’m so thankful to everyone that has been supporting me when I’m feeling under the weather. I’ll be back soon I promise. (sic)”

After close to five months, she updated her social media with a new picture of her hand, accompanied by the caption, “The strongest hearts have the most scars”. Fans flooded her comments section with messages of support, wishing her a speedy recovery and assuring her that they will wait however long it takes for her to make her comeback.

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