Elroy Cheo brings Elva Hsiao on a date to hawker centre

The couple was spotted at a hawker centre in Singapore last week 

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Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao, who was in town for ION Orchard’s 5th anniversary party last week, was spotted at a hawker centre with her Singaporean heir boyfriend Elroy Cheo after the closed-door event. 

Arriving in Singapore two days before the show, Elroy was seen picking Elva up at the airport. During her performance, fans also noticed Elroy showing his support from a distance below the stage.

Later that night, Elva and her crew were treated to a table full of famous local fare, such as chilli crabs and cereal prawns, by Elroy.

According to Taiwanese media, Elroy accompanied Elva to many of her overseas work assignments, following her split with Kai Ko in May. Romantic sparks then flew between the two, who were recently pictured locking lips in public at a Hong Kong shopping mall.

During a group interview with local media last Thursday, Elva described her “Singaporean friend” as “gentlemanly”, but insisted that marriage is not on the cards at the moment.

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