Ella Chen to hold free fan meetings to celebrate birthday

The main theme of the fanmeetings is “happiness”, as announced the S.H.E member


Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen, who will be turning 38 on June 18, announced that she will be holding her first ever birthday fanmeeting to mark the special occasion.

The two fanmeetings are scheduled to take place on June 17 and 18, at The Red House in Ximending, Taipei, where Ella held the press conference for her first solo album years ago. 

Titled “Birthday x Happiness x Party”, Ella personally made the announcement last week, adding that she wants to “do something big” to celebrate her birthday this year.

She will be paying the cost of holding the events, and tickets will be given away for free. Interested fans will have to go through an online balloted.

Sharing that the main theme will be happiness, Ella laughed that “regardless of whether you’re happy or not today, at my birthday party, I’ll guarantee that you’ll be happy for a whole year”.

The 37-year-old recalled that she once had a birthday that had coincided with S.H.E’s concert tour. On the day of her birthday, she happened to be back in Taiwan. But, she was so tired that she did not wish to celebrate.

“At the time I was very stressed and did not wish to celebrate my birthday. I didn’t expect that my husband (businessman Alvin Lai) secretly gathered a big group of friends to celebrate with me. I still remember that I was in casual clothing, but the moment I opened my door, a cake and presents appeared in front of my eyes. Alvin even cooked for everyone. That was really a huge surprise for me,” Ella shared.


Photos: PBE Media

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