Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen threw a special birthday party for her son as the toddler turned two.

In a post online, Ella’s husband, businessman Alvin Lai explained the reasoning behind their dinosaur-themed party.

“We originally planned to have a simple celebration at home, but after Ella tweaked a few things here and there, it unknowingly blossomed into a huge party! The dinosaurs of yesteryear have recently become one of Jinbao's favourite animals, which is why we chose to hold a dinosaur-themed party. We chose to hold it at a restaurant we often go to, and made sure that our guests had their schedules free on that day,” he wrote.

Ella’s parents also attended the party, with Ella herself posting about the event after it was over.

“Happy birthday Jinbao! Two years have passed (since you were born), and I’m grateful that you’ve always been healthy and happy. In these two years, you’ve learnt so many good things, and have learnt to talk, sing, run, skip, hug us tightly, and even give your mum, who’s pretended to faint, a magical kiss,” the caption read.

“Dad and Mum really love you so much, thank you for giving us so many beautiful (memories) in these two years. In the future, for every one of your birthdays, Dad and Mum hope to spend it with you, even though you probably won’t want to spend it with us after you turn 16,” she laughed.

Ella’s S.H.E groupmates, Taiwanese singer-actresses Hebe Tien and Selina Jen also attended the party, where they took a number of pictures with Ella and Jinbao. 

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Photos: PBE Media

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