Ella Chen's husband moved in with her before they started dating

The S.H.E member revealed how the long-time acquaintances got together


In a recent interview, Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen shared more about her love story with her husband, businessman Alvin Lai.

Revealing that the couple were first introduced to each other through mutual friends, Ella shared that they were mere acquaintances even after knowing each other for four years. It was only when Ella went to America to study English that they became closer. Ella began asking Alvin for help with English and the duo even started sharing pictures of each other after showering due to their cheeky personalities.

“However, we were all playing around and it was all a joke between friends. It was only one day, when were at (Taiwanese singer-actress and fellow S.H.E member) Hebe (Tien)’s house watching a honeymoon video from one of our friends, that there was a spark  between us! We were sitting side-by-side, and our thighs accidentally brushed against one another, and that was when I felt it,” Ella recounted.

The next day, Alvin sent a text to Ella, asking her what she was up to. Ella shared that even at the time, they weren't close and wouldn't initiate conversations with each other even if they were in the same room.

“However, he asked me what I was up to. Let me tell you that these five words convey a hidden meaning, which is ‘I miss you’!,” Ella said.


It turned out that Alvin had wanted to invite her to a karaoke session with his colleagues, whom she did not know. Though she had her reservations at first, the singer-actress still went in the end, laughing that she had “thick skin".

After the karaoke session, they begun meeting every day. “I kept teasing him that he was Cinderella who needed to go home early. He goes to work early, so he has to be in bed by midnight. In the end, after a week, he came to my house with an extra luggage! From then on, he never left,” Ella said.

At that time, even though they were living together, they were not officially dating yet. In the end, Ella couldn’t help but to ask Alvin, “What exactly is our relationship now?”, to which Alvin replied, “Aren't we dating now?”. 

However, Ella was bothered by the fact that Alvin did not officially ‘pop the question’.

In the end, Alvin finally asked, “Then, can you be together with me?”, making their relationship official.

Ella and Alvin married in 2012 and welcomed their first child in April 2017, a son nicknamed ‘Jin Bao’.

Photos: PBE Media

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