Ella Chen reveals the reason why she can never have a cold war with her husband

She added that the ones that suffer the most from such fights are a couple’s children

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S.H.E member Ella Chen has never been shy about her relationship with her husband, businessman Alvin Lai. 

After tying the knot in 2012, she has revealed interesting nuggets about their romance, including the fact that they moved in together before they were married. On a recent episode of talk show ROCK & ROAST, Ella let on that she and her husband have never had a cold war - not because they don’t fight, but because he won’t allow it to happen.

“I will ignore him on purpose and treat him as though he doesn’t exist,” Ella chuckled after someone asked her what happens when they have a disagreement. “But my husband isn’t the sort to let me off this easily, and he doesn’t believe in having cold wars.”

She continued, “He will grab me and make sure that we finish the argument that we were having. He feels that finding out the root cause of the argument, and then talking about it and resolving it is the way that we can avoid having such confrontations in the future.”

As a result, the couple has never had a cold war as Alvin’s persistent nature has triumphed in their seven years of marriage.

Ella mused that from her experience, couples having cold wars often forget that the party that suffers most is their children. She continued that the kids are often trapped in the middle of their parents and are unable to do anything, which is why parents should pay more attention to their children’s feelings.

The 38-year-old has a 2-year-old son nicknamed ‘Jin Bao’.

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